Siam Council celebrates with Honolulu Council at US Navy's 244th Birthday

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The Siam Council traveled from Pattaya, Thailand to Honolulu, Hawaii to celebrate the Navy Birthday Ball Ball hosted by the Commander of NAVREGHI, ADM Robb Chadwick, and the Honolulu Council on October 19, 2019.

The Siam Council President Mr. Peter Torand, Secretary Ms. Monnpapat Tudtanapun, Director of Public Relations Mr. Terapan Chuaprasert, and members Ms. Pornsawan Silpamongkol, and Mr. Sarayudh Sanva enjoyed the celebration and knew many of the Pacific Fleet sailors who were in attendance from trips that the U. S. Destroyers and sailors had previously made to Thailand.

Don Morrison, the Pacific Region President and Honolulu Council Executive Director Jane Ferreira spent time not only celebrating the Navy's 244th birthday, but learning and sharing different initiatives that each Council executed.