Navy Leaguers take a personal tour of the NOAA Inouye Regional Center!

NOAA Inouye Regional Center (IRC) is a 35-acre parcel on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor which combines new facilities with the historic preservation of four buildings culminating into a campus which is environmentally sustainable, state of the art, and Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Gold Certified. The IRC houses 15 NOAA Offices with more than 700 staff and most of the NOAA assets in Hawai’i.

The Navy League has been invited to tour the NOAA IRC and we welcome you to come along and see first-hand the agency that enriches life through science.

Their reach goes from the surface of the sun, to the depths of the ocean floor, as they work to keep our community informed of the changing environment around them. NOAA's roots date back to 1807, when the Nation's first scientific agency, the Survey of the Coast, was established. Navy Leaguers joined Dr. Hans Van Tilburg for a personal tour April 17th! 

Check out more photos of the tour: